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Add a wild west flavor to your desktop with this free screensaver
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Wild West has always fascinated people. This screensaver lets you add a Wild West flavor to your desktop. It shows a scene that is characteristic of many Western and cowboys movies and novels: a desert landscape that reminds the Great Canyon, with a horse grazing, and several birds flying through the sky. Every now and then, tumbleweeds and running wild horses appear in the background.

In general, the screensaver is pleasant. It has good graphics that, although they aren't as detailed and defined as today's standards, they are pretty good. The program also features ambient sounds that add to the character of the scene.

A good feature of the program is the possibility of choosing the definition level of the graphics so the screensaver does not consume too many resources. Also, you can set the size of the screensaver, turn the sounds on or off, and set the way to exit the screensaver (mouse click, mouse movement, ESC key, or Any action.

In general, it is a good screensaver, although it can become boring after a while since it shows a nearly-static scene. Nevertheless, if you are a Western movies fan or enjoy scenic, animated screensavers, then you may want to give a try to this one, which is totally free.

Victor Hernandez
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  • The program is free to download and use
  • It has good graphics and sounds
  • You can adjust its graphics quality according to your system's resources


  • It can become monotonous after a while
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